I am a visual artist working with performance, photography, text and video.

My practice derives from an intrinsic interest in the way how we perceive our
existence as humans. Born out of a discrepancy between our human desire for
familiarity and the external reality which is silent, I wonder how we seek for meaning
in a time where we are realising life is inherently lacking purpose.

My work derives from facing this absurd reality and intends to expose a state
of human incompetence. By performing impossible tasks I deliberately embrace
irrationality, risk and coincidence combining video, photography and text.
I am developing an interdisciplinary practice which is currently centred around
my idea of the ‘Attempt’. In the quest for seeking meaning, I believe meaning may
be found in the attempt to find it, paradoxically turning failing into a successful strategy.
This approach also continues to work on a methodical level applied within my artistic
practice by valuing trying over succeeding.